Sunday, October 20, 2013

Atrocity 1897342573.0...

Have you heard the recent atrocity?

Apparently, a boy scout leader destroyed a natural rock monument in Utah that was thousands of years old.

The whole thing went viral with a kind of chorus of “How terrible! What kind of person destroys such natural beauty? What a monster!” Because, certainly nobody else ever does anything like that, right? Nobody else ever destroys natural beauty, right?


We all do.

We’re no better than said scout leader because we all gobble up natural resources in our constant consumeristic dream of more more more!

We allow death on a wide scale for a little oil.

We permit slave labor for a nicer phone.

We enjoy our sweet, fruity drinks that destroy entire ecosystems.

And we drive our cars and enjoy all the conveniences of plastic bags and disposable everything and wonder what kind of person fucks up a rock.

You do.

I do.

We all do.

We’re no better.

So, if you thought that was the case… just stop.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

In Somnia...

October brings another new My Side. This time, we tackle an issue near and dear to my complete inability to sleep...