Friday, November 07, 2014

It gives me the creeps...

It disturbs me greatly that there is a large group of Americans out there who think electing politicians who hate government is okay. They think allowing foreign corporations to funnel billions into our political system to get what they want is okay. They think letting politicians lie and cheat and deceive America to get votes is okay. They think that politicians rigging voting machines so they register the votes as theirs is okay. They're fine with politicians giving away the country to the uber-rich and they think the country would be just fine if they could just test the poor for drug use, keep starving children from eating, let corporations pollute all they want and make as many children as sick as they want, fill our jails with innocent people, and put just one more black man out of a job. If it wasn't for that, the country would be just fine.

I find that truly disturbing.