Thursday, March 26, 2009

Racism? Really?...

Turns out the US is boycotting a U.N. Conference on Racism because the anti-racism language before the conference refers to Isreal as racist, what with their horrible treatment of the Palestinians.

A Canadian Minister justified this by stating that such language was "anti-semetic".


So, let me get this straight. Is it anti-semetic to say anything unkind about Isreal or just this? Does it matter if it's the truth?

When people are afraid to speak the truth, nobody benefits.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

About these banks...

Why is everyone so surprised that rich people who drove their companies into the toilet can't be trusted with money???

Thursday, March 05, 2009


So, it turns out some psychologist has figured out that it was Sarah Palin's taste in clothes that cost the Republicants the presidential election.

Of course!

It makes so much sense!

It wasn't the fact the the Republicants are completely out of touch with reality.

It wasn't that they started a war against a nation who never attacked us.

It wasn't the "terrorist attack" during Shrub's presidency.

It wasn't how they squandered the budget surplus and drove the country into the toilet.

NO! It was Sarah Palin's fucking clothes!

... I close with the articles's opening quote (expurgated a bit for brevity): Newly released academic research suggests that Sarah Palin's sexiness ... may actually have hurt her vote-getting ability, which seems to be what elections are about.

I want these fucking drugs!!!