Monday, July 11, 2005

A little business…

I've received a few emails this past week about how I haven't been posting that much to My Side lately and I figured I should clarify things.

For those of you who asked, yes, My Side will be ending its run very soon. In the next few weeks, you'll be seeing less and less posted to this site. One last one will be posted at the end of August and, then, that'll be it. A new site will be opening in October, however. If you're a new reader or anyone who wants to know where the new site is going to be, click the email link and let me know. I'll be sending invitations to the new site once it's up.

Yes, the new site will contain "anti-flaming" measures. This is not meant to stifle anyone's freedom of speech but, rather, to enforce a little common decency. In a friendly atmosphere, I've never thought that would be necessary. But I have learned that is not the case. "Flaming" is not simply disagreeing. It is not debate. It is contrary and counter-productive to debate as well as insulting and hurtful.

Before I wrap things up, though, I'm planning on writing a few essays on general topics, which means you won't have me here to keep you informed. You're going to have to work on that on your own, and I hope you do. I also have something in the works for mid-August. I won't mention it until then - so please don't ask - but I will say that it will signify the end of a few things.

Lastly, here's some news on the novel front. Does my return to novel-writing signify an end to my acting or play writing? Not at all! Let that be clear! Vicky and I have sat down and talked about this. After the wedding, I'll be doing another show. (How soon really depends on when I get cast but the humiliation of auditioning will begin shortly after returning from the Bahamas.) Then, in spring, I'll be returning to Cal State Fullerton to continue my educational journey. This will take up a lot of my time but I should still be open for a little acting and writing. All work and no play and all that…

But about the novels… Vicky and I have started marketing Vampire Society. Vicky's helping a lot and I can't thank her enough. As much as she's protested becoming "just another fan", I'm beginning to think her will is weakening. (And, anyway, being a fan of Ken La Salle really includes you in a very tiny, er, ELITE group…) This week, I'll also begin working on the rewrites to "A Grand Canyon". Providing I finish that before the wedding, I'll then forward it on to my step-mom, Blanche, for her take on it. This being a very personal book, I wanted someone who I knew I could trust but would also see the material with a fresh eye. Blanche is that person.

But wait! There's more! I'm now 15,000 words into my new book - yes, ANOTHER ONE! Still unnamed, this is a sci-fi/horror/mystery, three genres I never in my life thought I'd be writing. But the idea is too good NOT to write and, so, here I am.

In a word: busy.

So, those of you who thought I was sitting on my laurels can be assured otherwise. Anyway, I need new laurels and can never find good ones at the store...

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