Sunday, October 09, 2005

For everything, there is a season... and everything in its place...

As I mentioned months agoAs I mentioned months ago, the time for My Side was coming to a close. My Side, after all, was the blog of a guy who lost his wife and was learning to start a new life. Well, I learned, I started, and now it’s time for a new blog and a new story.

Two Lives – One Path, on the day Vicky and I were married, that saying was everywhere to be seen. That’s our philosophy and, so, that will be our story. If links work as they should, you should be able to click on the name and be taken on over to our new home.

Ironically, after searching through nearly a dozen blogging sites, we ended up back at Blogger. It may have been because it sounds like Frogger… no, wait – no that’s not it… Anyway, new features allow for better security, so I can enable Comments without having to worry about people flaming and spamming with their bile and hate.

Everyone’s welcome to come by our new home and send us comments. But you’re not welcome to be rude and hurtful – leave that at home.

My Side is over.. for now. Though I’m still coping with all the changes losing Rosa put me through – we’re talking sleepwalking at the top of that list – I marvel every day and how wonderfully things have turned out.

Oh, I’ll bring My Side out of the attic one of these days – hell, I’ve been pushing it on people since 1982 so why stop? – but, for now, One Path is where you’ll find me. Now, I’ll post this last My Side, close the windows, turn of the lights, and shut the doors…

… the party’s not over… just moving…

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