Friday, May 29, 2009

This is what it's come to...

A paper in Warren, PA. ran an ad calling for the assassination of President Obama. Now, I'm not Obama's biggest fan right now, considering how he's wussed out on so many things he promised he'd get done (ending the war, closing Gitmo, reeling in the top 1%) and things he was just supposed to get done (prosecuting those who tortured in our names), but last I heard insighting violence against the President and calling for his out and out murder... is a felony, at least. I mean, it's up there with driving under the influence, right? Maybe instead of a DUI, it's an MUI/AUI?

Mind you, the paper apologized, which I suppose to them means something. But I'm wondering when we lost our will to stop those breaking the law here in the US (torturers, bankers, brokers, lobbyists, and - right - those who call for political assassination). We are sure as hell looking to kick butt outside of this country but what about the folks right here?

Why don't we put our house in order, is all I'm saying.

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