Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The joy of giving gift… cards…

Used to be you’d sweat over just the right gift to give some…

Okay, maybe it wasn’t. Used to be you’d buy people you didn’t care about gifts you didn’t care about. That said, at least they were gifts. Now, we live in the age of the gift card and, even better, the online gift card. Basically, we give money. If we don’t care, we give money.

Not bad for not caring, actually.

Still, I find it fascinating that this is how we’ve come to define an expression of love and caring for those we, well, love and care about… cash.

You give me $25. I give you $10. But I gave you the $10 with a card and you didn’t even sign your name on the gift card in the “FROM” spot. Is it a wash? Is that how we determine who cares about us?

People back in the 1960’s were bitching about how meaningless Christmas had become. Now, we don’t have to bitch about that… it’s pretty damned obvious.

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