Thursday, January 14, 2010

Voodoo Christians…

Something I’ve wanted to mention for a while now has sprung its ugly head once again, this time in the form of Pat Robertson. I’m sure there are those who would still call him “Reverend”, though “Voodoo Priest” is more fitting.

After the horrible devastation in Haiti, Pat Robertson said it happened because Haiti had a deal with the devil. Now, ignoring for a minute the logistics – anyone in his scenario would likely be dead already, the country has changed governments more than once since then, a nation cannot make deals with a fictional character – this is just another indication in a recent turn in a subsection of Christianity I like to call “Voodoo Christianity”.

Another example is the trend of some right-wing preachers “praying” for someone’s death, usually someone they don’t like. Obama, for instance. They basically throw the Bible out with the bath water and start claiming to have special powers or some inside information and it makes me wonder just how stupid those Christians who follow them are. I mean, sure, you believe there’s a man in the sky – one mark against your sanity – but then you throw away all the teachings your religion is based on to follow some lunatic who can’t be described any more generously than “fucking psycho”.

And for those Christians who think they hold no responsibility, I call bullshit. You are responsible for the acts of anyone who calls themselves Christian for this is how your religion is ultimately judged. Do you want to be in the same circle as the voodoo priests, the right wing whackos, and lunatic nut-jobs? Tend your own garden, people. You’ve always had some weeds in there; you don’t need hemlock as well.

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