Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teaching me why we never say never… except just then…

There’s an actor in Southern California who goes by the name of Robert Purcell about whom I cannot say enough good things. Is he a guy of his word? Yes. Is he the kind of person to help you out when you need it without a fuss? You bet.

Is he also the kind of person who lets you make an ass of yourself on your blog only to prove you wrong? Absolutely!

Robert has done me the extraordinary favor of finding another actress so we can do this play reading this weekend. I’m telling you, I am out of gas on this one but he took the steps I couldn’t and made sure things would work for me.

He has my gratitude.

Now let’s read a fucking play!

(… no, not you. But I could always use an audience if you want to come by. Otherwise, be assured you’ll be updated here.)

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