Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fuck you, Ruby Tuesday’s…

I don’t know if you have a Ruby Tuesday’s near you. I don’t care. This is just another sign of how fucking stupid we’ve become in America if they actually think we believe this shit.

Okay, so I’m watching TV and this idiotic commercial comes on for – you wanna take a guess? – and they start spouting off about how they make hamburgers out of meat that has NEVER BEEN FROZEN. Okay? Should I repeat that? It’s NEVER BEEN FROZEN!

So, what do they expect us to believe?

That they ship live cows to each location for slaughter – the minute they have the need for enough ground beef that they’ll use an entire cow?

Or maybe that they do slaughter their cows remotely – or buy their beef remotely to be more realistic – only then they truck it in the bed of a very old U-haul truck – a very warm U-haul truck – over the course of 10-15 days, because the drivers keep getting lost but that’s okay BECAUSE THEIR MEAT IS MAGIC?

Or maybe we should just assume that it’s just not fucking beef!

I just want to slap these people.

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