Thursday, April 10, 2008

Like 1981, but older…

Here’s something you might not have known: I used to be a runner.

… stop laughing.

Seriously. Track team and everything. I would have lettered in my Freshman year (way the fuck back in 1981) had our football coach not been such a dick. (Long story.) Anyway, I used to love to run. Even after I was out of track, I’d go for runs on my own… you know… until I started smoking… yes, yes, I know!

So, what does this have to do with today, you ask? (Go ahead. Ask.) Well, this morning I jogged nearly 5 ¼ miles at the gym. Granted, it took 1 ¼ hours, but I am rather proud of myself just the same.

I’m not doing nearly as well as Jenn. (Whose blog you should check out and provide your support!) But then, she wasn’t a smoker… of cigarettes… with tobacco… the legal kind…

I’m nearly at my 1/3rd of a year mark for quitting and I’m doing great. I haven’t cheated and I’m back to where I can run every day (when I don’t get lazy, that is). Does this mean I’ll never smoke again? I’m still not ready to say that. If Clostio stepped back into my life, I’d probably smoke tomorrow. If Murphy came for a visit… maybe… though he’s less likely to try and get me started again.

It just feels good to know I can do it. I can run. I can refrain from smoking… as much as I might love it… as much as every cigarette is like a dream… as much – sorry, what was I saying?…

Let’s hope this running pays off soon, too, because it would be nice to be less of a fat-ass… (okay, that’s next on my list!)

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