Monday, January 26, 2009

100 pushups - are you crazy?...

That's what I said.

"One hundred pushups? Are you crazy?"

But why not?

This website is supposed to help you do 100 pushups, that is 100 at once, within six weeks.

I don't normally go for much more physical activity that putting the spoon in the ice cream and raising it to my mouth but this might be a cool experiment. Why not? It would be great to be able to say I can do 100 pushups!

First.... the pre-test.

See how many pushups you can do.

Hmmm... okay. That doesn't seem to hard.

I'm doing your standard pushup. Toes touching the ground - no knees. Arms bringing you down and pushing you up again.

So, I did the pre-test last night. The magic number was... 27. Twenty-seven pushups.

After twenty-seven, I felt like my arms were going to reject me and find another body. But, after a few minutes of panting, I also felt... pretty good. My arms felt buffed, my torso felt tight.

Hey, I might like this!

I'll let you know how week one went next Monday.

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