Monday, January 19, 2009

A note from the terminally unhip...

Make what you want of this but I'm not entirely comfortable with how forcibly hip the country is suddenly becoming. Seriously. Did you catch some of the Inauguration Celebration? It was like they were trying to forcefeed hipness into Washington, DC.

And I say forcibly hip because Washington, DC is one of the least hip places in the world. And it should be. Washington is a place for doing the country's business, not for to debut new national anthems! What's next? A new flag with every color ribbon you can imagine?

I'm just about reaching my limit to all this painfully hip celebrating. Yes. Hope. Great. First African American President. Understood. But pardon my cynicism while I wait for you to start prosecuting torturers and illegal wiretappers and war criminals and people who just generally cornholed the Constitution... then, I'll happily accept how hip you are.

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