Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The morning after last night…

To say we made it through last night would be an overstatement.

Shrub is endorsing McCain as the presumed, Repugnant nominee this morning. Need I say more?

And, somehow, Clinton has the “mo” to keep going. She won three of the races, though Texas was a squeaker, but did not necessarily pull out more delegates. For me, it was very discouraging to see Clinton win, considering how she did it through fear mongering and lying, tactics she often attributes to the Repugnants. It still seems unlikely that she’ll be the nominee but, let me say now, if she were, I would never be able to vote for her because of her lying and cheating. I’ll vote for the Green candidate who has no chance of winning and I’ll do it proudly, because I won’t vote for someone I can’t trust.

Now, before I wrap up, there is one issue I want to address. It keeps coming up – Clinton raised it this past week with the “Three AM” ad – and I just think it’s stupid. That is, this presumption that Barak Obama is someone less prepared to deal with national security than McCain or Clinton.

So, let’s see.

McCain’s experience with national security is that he was tortured. And now, he endorses torture. If you don’t see that red flag, get your eyes checked.

Clinton’s experience with national security is through osmosis, if at all. Her husband was once president.

As far as I can see, Obama is just as prepared as either candidate. He’s just more honest about it, which is why he has my support.

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