Friday, December 21, 2007

Just in time for Christmas...

(Everyone! Sing along!)

(To the tune of "Up on a rooftop"... as if you needed to be told...)

Up on the rooftop, reindeers paws
Nazis on dinosaurs kill the raindeer
Santa pulls out his AK-47
Sends those Nazis right to heaven

Ho Ho Ho
Doin some blow
Ho Ho Ho
Out in the snow
Up on the rooftop
Sniff Sniff Sniff
Seein’ some shit is what you’ll git

Way up in Heaven, God laments
Look what got in through the vents
Admission standards have been slack
Send those Nazis straight down back

Repeat Chorus

Down in Hell, Satan’s confused
At what point did Nazis get dinosaurs, anyway?
He sips his eggnog and he ponders
Maybe they’re a new Christmas thing, he wonders

Repeat Chorus until infinity

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