Friday, February 22, 2008

Change you can Xerox…

If you didn’t hear Hillary say it, you’ve probably heard about her saying it by now. Amidst the tsunami of analysis, I’d like to take just a moment of your time because there’s something everyone seems to be missing. Let me be the first to say it.

“That’s okay, too.”

Listen, let’s imagine for a minute that it’s true. Okay? Let’s imagine that Barak Obama is Xeroxing all the great speeches from wise men throughout history. Let’s imagine that he writes not one word but that he simply recites the wisdom of the ages. Imagine that.

Now, what’s the problem?

We currently have an administration that eschews wisdom, that avoids hopes, that shreds the profound, and dances on the destruction of our collective intelligence. To have anyone, man, woman, or Beagle, who stands by the wisdom of the ages and is inspired enough to want to make that message his own would be an amazing improvement over the system of lies, corruption, and evil that presently exists.

So, at worst, Barak Obama is led by the wisdom of others.

Put that man in jail.

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