Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Potomac Tuesday…

Another primary. Another reason to weigh in. Those who know me know I am a political junky. Vicky’s no football widow but she can’t understand why I get so crazy every time people cast votes.

So, what have we got? Well, we have two people in each of the two parties that has a chance in hell of winning. Normally, I’d be in with the Greens despite their lack of organization. Listen, folks, if there was a better party on the left, I’d change teams. The truth, though, is that for all of their disorganization, the Greens still have the best platform when it comes to ethics, honesty, and truth. Winning at any price just isn’t in there.

There’s still a chance I’ll vote for the Green candidate. But Obama has shown me enough to make me pause for a minute. (In this case, it’s a minute that lasts for the next nine months or so…)

So, what about Obama? He had a great run with this weekend’s primaries. His numbers are going up. He is “da man”. Clinton, on the other hand… is Clinton, nobody to “misunderestimate” (as our Village Idiot of a President has told us). It seems very clear that Obama is going to need Texas, probably Ohio and Virginia as well, is he wants the nomination. He gets this, most likely, with Edwards’ support, and if you look at their platforms it’s a good fit. Don’t worry about those Super Delegates. Once Clinton loses some more states, especially if she loses Texas, they will go Obama’s way.

On to the Republibots, who are acting especially robotic in not accepting their front runner, John McCain. They think he’s not “conservative” enough – as if holding up this puppet prez we got could be called liberal. Actually, Vicky and I were at breakfast on Sunday and listened to a gaggle of wizened, old, conservative women discuss how they should have been paying attention to McCain instead of Hillary because now they’re stuck with both “liberals”, and then lament about how much they loved Romney. This goes to show how easily duped they are. Anyone who calls Clinton, let alone McCain, a “liberal” does not know the meaning of the word. But this probably explains the increasing popularity of Huckleberry, the man who said he’d institute a Theocracy. But when you’re forced to choose between that and a Hundred-Year War (which was McCain’s suggestion about the middle east), well I guess Theocracy wins every time.

Anyway, I’m having fun watching the proceedings. Looks like the political season may last longer than football season, which for me lasts a few weeks. (Did I not mention I’m not a sports nut?)

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