Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Perfect Sunset provided by Amber Rubarth...

I found this song on Amber's My Space page today and I felt that it went perfectly with something I've been wanting to say.

I found out someone had Googled Deanna the other day and what do you think they found on my blog? Some smartass remark, of course. What else would you find? It occurred to me that I have never talked about how very lucky I have been to have some incredible women in my life. From Teresa to Vicky, Julie to Rosa, both Cindys, a couple of Tammys and others, too - I've been a very lucky guy throughout.

I heard this song about another perfect sunset - after another - and another - and they've all been perfect. I'm planning on enjoying many more with Vicky and I appreciate all the perfect ones I got to share before.

Thanks, Amber. For putting it to words.

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