Thursday, June 05, 2008

One of those bosses…

One of my co-workers said about my boss, “He’s above us.” That’s the attitude where I work, that if someone is in a higher position they are superior. You can imagine how well I fit in.

Here’s an example of how this works… or doesn’t…

One Tuesday, when asked about the inconsistencies on our data sheets, I suggested they create some templates to follow so that all of their data sheets followed the same corporate branding, look and feel. It’s marketing 101 and this company is still back in remedial English. So, my boss laughed, told me it couldn’t be done, and assigned me the task, overloading my schedule so I couldn’t get it done that day (even though I told him that it could take weeks).

Wednesday morning, I arranged a meeting with the Art Director to get his input and discovered, at meeting time, that my boss had hijacked the meeting to include himself and several other directors. Then, he took the credit for deciding we needed templates and began with, “Now, let’s start with the first line and work our way down.” He actually wanted everyone in the room to make a decision regarding what would be on every data sheet, line by line, in that conference room.

Chaos ensued… of course…

After about fifteen minutes of everything being out of his control, he turned to me and said, “Well, you had some ideas. Why don’t you talk.” Just like a child.

So, I told them. When creating templates, you begin with the lowest common denominators, lay out your common ground, and then start looking at differences. Lay out your big picture first before you make detailed decisions. You know, exactly the opposite of what my boss was doing. I did not mention his ineptitude or his terrible attitude. In face, I complimented him, tried to butter him up some, because I knew what was coming.

After the meeting, he held me back with that faux friendliness of his, shut the door, and began screaming about how I made him look bad. Mind you, I never forced him to try to take credit for my ideas before they were finished – I’m sure he’ll know enough to do that, too, when the time comes.

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