Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The Great WMD Search Continues!...

For those who have been following the story of the great search for Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destructions, you'll recall that, at first, they had lots and lots of weapons. Then, they had MORE weapons. Then, they had so many weapons THEY'D KILL US ALL! HIDE! RUN! RUN AWAY! PANIC!!!

So we went and killed them. Wiped 'em out. Bombed 'em to stone. Showed them "a thing" or "two".

Now, Shrub has to produce on his promise of all the WMDs. (Acronyms are for the lazy... and the blogger...)

At first, he knew he'd find them. Then, he said, "They knew we were coming so they got rid of them." Then, since that didn't work, he was sure again that he'd find them.

Oh, it was such fun!!!

Today, Lt. Gen. William S. Wallace said that the reason Saddam never used them (we know they're there!) was because he hid them so well from us (we know they're there!) that he couldn't retrieve them (we know they're there!) from their hiding places. You see? Read this.

Hm... let's see...

So, Saddam had all these weapons and once the US invaded... he hid them. Because, when someone attacks, you certainly don't use weapons... you hide them. Sure, that makes sense.

Boy, this Saddam feller must've been Kee-raazy!!!

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