Friday, May 23, 2003

Question time...

Gay Republicans.

Gay Republicans??????

What the hell?! This is worse than the old "Black Republican" joke. How can someone be gay and Republican? How does this work? Anybody?! Anybody?! Answers please!!!

Republican Senatorial hopeful, Mark Foley, from Florida, won't come out and say he's gay. In face, he's been very vocal about not saying anything about his sexuality. "Don't ask, don't tell"?? Sounds like "Don't tell, don't tell"!!

So, he's the mystery candidate. Fine. We all have a private life - it's what he does in public (such as a fanatical support of Bush - which, if he is gay, is about as Ironically Oxymorical as I can imagine) that worries me.

Still, it made me wonder. How can anyone be a gay Republican (considering the rampant homophobia in the party), a black Republican (considering how hard that party works to keep the black population in prison), or a female Republican (considering how hard that party works to deny women their basic human rights)???

For that matter, considering how militaristic, jingoistic... and just plain FUCKING INSANE that party is - how can ANYONE BE REPUBLICAN?????

All answers are welcome. God knows I can't think of any...

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