Thursday, May 01, 2003

Once upon a time... I had hair...

Oh, god. How do I tell you this?

You see, with my life in turmoil, I kind of decided that I wanted to change my look a bit. So, I started growing my mustache and goatee. That was good. That worked.

Then, I decided I wanted to get my hair cut. Sure. Why not? It's normal...

Isn't it?

I wanted to do something where I could just get out of bed, wash it, throw some gel in, and go. No blow drying. No brushing.


So, I got it cut.

A lot.

Um, a whole lot.

Thank god, I can't put pictures on this site!

Thank god, as well, that my hair grows quickly. I'm sure I'll be mistaken for some pro-war marine any day now.

This just goes to show that we all do stupid things when we're depressed. Some of us eat too much. Some of us gamble.

Some of us have all of our hair cut off...

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