Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Will this show be DOA (Dumb on Arrival)? Only the performance will tell...

We had our first full rehearsal last night - only one left - and something came as a surprise... This might not be a comedy we have here, after all! If it's a comedy, let's say it's a comedy like M*A*S*H was a comedy, or like thirysomething was a comedy, or like Citizen Kane was a comed... My expectations have lowered so far at this point, I'm just hoping we can keep the audience moderately amused.

On the positive side, rehearsal went rather well. The blocking works and the actors seem to be getting into the whole vibe of the thing. As I might have mentioned before, doing this directing gives me a lot less time to work on my acting - so the rotten actor up on stage might be ME!

Less than a week to go... and then I can finally shave!!!

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