Thursday, June 12, 2003

War Crimes...

You can talk about the US slaughtering the Indians, slaughtering the blacks, slaughtering the south-east asians and not come close to talking about the war crimes perpetuated by the US over the years. Yep, the US is guilty of some serious shit and those who choose to deny it are living smack dab in an Egyptian river.

That said, things didn't start getting seriously bad until around 35 years ago. From Henry Kissinger to Tommy Franks, we've done our share to challenge Himler and Amin. Now, the world would like to do something about it. Various countries, who have been involuntarily depopulated by US troops, have been trying to take the US to the Haque for war crimes trials.

Enter US Influence, otherwise known at MONEY, and you get this:

The U.N. Security Council on Thursday approved another one-year exemption for American peacekeepers from prosecution by the new international war crimes tribunal.

So the headline read to this article. Don't you like how they put that. "Peacekeepers." Well, why would "peacekeepers" ever be tried for war crimes? That doesn't make sense! Only EVIL people should be tried for war crimes - and "Peacekeepers" aren't EVIL... right?

I gotta laugh when the media is so firmly in the government's pocket... if I didn't, I'd be scared to death.

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