Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Welcome to "Enemy du Jour"...

Have you noticed how Shrub's policy of propaganda relies heavily on the "enemy du jour"? It seems our enemy changes every week. (Which would make this the "enemy de la semaine" but let's stick with du jour... it sounds better.)

Does anyone remember North Korea? Remember when they were going to nuke the west coast? They didn't last long. Then, it became Iraq. Then it was al Queda, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and al Queda all over again. Mind you, North Korea is still seething with hatred towards our government. Hell, most of the US is, too.

As long as Shrub can cycle us through an endless array of enemies, he can keep paranoia high. He can keep our Amber alert! Worse, he can get re-elected.

We have to educate people as to exactly what Shrub is doing with these weekly threats and weekly enemies. It ownly creates more animosity towards our country all over the world and weakens the ability of the US to create strong ties and promote peace.

... But that's just what Shrub wants.

Be aware, folks. Wake up!

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