Monday, June 30, 2003

Do Not Call... unless...

As many of you have probably heard the national Do Not Call Registry is up and running. The gov wants you to think that signing up on this list will keep telemarketers from calling you.

Hmm... almost right.

Turns out that long-distance phone companies, airlines, banks and credit unions, insurance companies, political organizations (!), charities, and telephone surveyors can still call whenever they wish. Isn't that nice?

Okay, but enough with the cynicism. It's a baby step but that's usually how our government works. (I say "usually" due to the glaring exception of certain POTUSes handing everything over to the richest 1% in our country... asshole!) So, I'm signing up.

Okay, I know. Not much of a post. I have plenty to say about things going on in my life - and the return of insomnia - but we'll get to that later.

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