Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Shrub Scrubbed?

"Free those people." "Terrorists." "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

We heard these and many other reasons for the war in Iraq. Of course, many of those people didn't want to be "freed", as we had "freed" the people of Afghanistan. There was no proof of terrorism. And Shrub never did find those WMDs. I'd begun to wonder why no one called for an investigation.

Well, now it's happened and you can be a part of it. Simply go to and sign their petition. As their site says:

Dear friend,

The President took the nation to war based on his assertion that Iraq posed an imminent threat to our country. Now the evidence that backed that assertion is falling apart.

If the Bush administration distorted intelligence or knowingly used false data to support the call to war, it would be an unprecedented deception. Even if weapons are now found, it'll be difficult to justify pre-war language that indicated that the exact location of the weapons was known and that they were ready to deploy at a moment's notice. With a crisis of credibility brewing abroad and the integrity of our President and our foreign policy on the line, we need answers now.

Please join me in asking Congress to establish an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the distortion of evidence now, at:

A President may make no more important decision than whether or not to take a country to war. If Bush and his officials deceived the American public to create support for the Iraq war, they need to be held accountable.


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