Monday, July 21, 2003

Short Garden Note...

So, I recently started buying plants. I've had a plant Rosa gave me for years (since our break-up)(the first one) and recently I purchased myself a Gardenia bush. It's quite nice, though the leaves are glossy enough to look fake.

I'm thinking of transplanting Rosa's plant into a bigger pot... let it really flourish.

I use to love working in my garden when I was with Rosa. Rosa and gardening go together like the heartless woman who destroyed my life and a place where plants grow...

I'd go out on the weekend and weed around my herb bushes - rosemary, oregano, catnip, and others. I'd go to my vegetable garden and check my tomatoes. I'd edge the front yard and smell Rosa's jasmine growing. Rosa and I rarely gardened together but it was something we shared.

No more.

But the desire to grow things remains.

... Maybe I'll buy a tomato plant...

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