Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Let's do it again, like we did last summer...

Well, dear friends, let me tell you it has been a week... and it's only Tuesday. (One eyebrow just went up into my ever-receding hairline...)

I spent this weekend with an old friend. His name was insomnia and he was HUNGRY! So, I didn't sleep Friday or Saturday. (Actually, I slept for a couple of hours Sunday morning but awoke screaming from a nightmare. Yes, it was about Rosa.) When Sunday night came around, I took some medication to help me sleep. (This worked but I nearly slept until Monday afternoon!)

Some of you may remember that last summer started with insomnia, worked its way to sleepwalking, was promoted to nervous breakdown and nearly retired over the edge of the Grand Canyon. I DO NOT want to do that again. I'm trying to keep in mind that, while history does repeat itself, it is rarely this obvious. I haven't started sleepwalking (yet) but I'm keeping my eye out. (I have to keep it in a jar so it stays moist...)

The upside to all of this is that manic, insomniac energy really jump-starts the old creative energy and I'm back to writing again. The current play is This They Call Freedom, which I can only describe as "George Orwell meets Monty Python".

I've got to keep myself busy. Otherwise, I'll really go nuts.

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