Tuesday, March 08, 2005

As an unbeliever, I can't say it's hell…

Yes, folks, we're talking about my employer today, and a festering pus-boil on humanity they are!

I'd been getting pretty comfortable this past year. I even bought a house - you know, because I thought things would be fine. Boy, what an idiot I am!

Before I begin, though… some background. I started here five years ago, back when I was starting my new life. In fact, the woman who hired me as a Marketing Writer (take note), set one of my passwords as "new life", an inside joke. I was supposed to write the ads, the marketing copy. I thought I had it made. Then, about half a year later, I was accused of sexual harassment by none other than the owner's niece. He pretty much did everything he could to make my life hell and make me want to leave. They took me off Marketing Writing and put me into Technical Writing, which they knew I despised. But, hey, I needed the job. And even after she recanted, said it was a mixture of misunderstanding and lies (on her part), the owner still made my life hell. But time passed and I adapted. Hey, I needed the job. Then, a new marketing director came in and promoted me to Managing Writer, managing the writing team. They asked me what the writer's needed and I said, "Computers that work and equitable compensation," and I was swiftly Demoted way down to data entry. And, even after the marketing director apologized to me for giving me the shaft as he was leaving the company, I remained there. But time passed and I adapted. Hey, I needed the job.

Then, the present marketing director came in. He found out I used to me the Marketing Writer, moved me back up to Technical Writing, and said he'd do everything he could to get me back into Marketing Writing. He still had me write all the ads and copy but I didn't get paid for me. But, hey, I needed the job. When he gave me my first review, he'd only been there a month and hadn't written it and told me I was being shafted. He even apologized, though there was nothing he could do. But, hey, I needed the job. Then, last year, at my review, he told me there was no way I'd ever be the Marketing Writer. I wasn't qualified. He was hiring somebody else. I'd stay in Technical Writing for the rest of my life with no promotion possible - EVER. It was quite a blow. But, hey, I needed the job.

Now, my five-year anniversary is coming. What could they do next?

Then, one month ago, my boss emailed me, asking why I hadn't done any work in a month. I wrote him back with a detailed accounting of all the work I'd done - and there was a lot of it. What could this be all about? What could it mean?

I found out yesterday.

Mike called me into his office and told me I never did any work. Oh, the evidence was very contrary. In fact, I was just given a high-priority job that, I was told, nobody else could do, writing all the documentation for a new product line. Why would they give that to me if I was a flake? I tried to get some specifics out of him. Who said I didn't do my work? What evidence do they have? What about all the contrary evidence I can come up with just from the top of my head?

What the fuck is wrong with a company that keeps looking for ways to screw somebody who just wants to do the job he was hired to do? (Or adapt to the job he was given?)

And the what the fuck is wrong with me that I can't find a new one?

Well, that's the thing, I've got to find a new one. This place just isn't healthy for me. So, if anyone knows of any openings anywhere…. (No, Tim, not Burger King!)

This is not a happy day. Sorry.

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