Monday, March 07, 2005

Notes of Community Interest…

Occasionally, I have to clear out old ideas from my head, lest the clutter start coming out in the form of incessant babbling that…. Um…. Has already happened, I guess…


(Note: No "s" on "anyways"…)

So, let's get this party started:

Booze. Tim came up this weekend and, in a move that shocked a not-yet-shocked nation, we got drunk. Vicky had to get up early Sunday morning so we couldn't make any noise so we opted for something far more mature - and by "mature", I mean "stupid". We staggered out to the freeway overpass and screamed, hooted, and hollered at the passing cars. Yes, this is how Ken has a good time, yelling and laughing at the 91 freeway. Oddly enough, one side of the overpass had a high fence, keeping people from jumping over… but the other side had no fence. So, it wasn't so much "preventing" as it was "herding". I'm surprised I remember this because I was so incredibly drunk, it was all I could do to keep Tim from picking his way down a path to the freeway. Drunken games of freeway "Frogger" are not my idea of a good time.

Lori. I've tried emails. I've tried worrying. I've tried prayer… well, not in this case, but there were plenty of times in my childhood… Anyway, I can't think of a way to get word to my dear friend, Lori. So, Lori, if you're reading - what the hell happened to you?! Where are you?! And where's my five bucks??? (No, she doesn't owe me five bucks but I figured I might get a little money out of this…)

Vicky. With me playing World of Warcraft (19th lvl Paladin, 9th lvl Priest - to those players out there who are reading), Vicky has taken possession of my copy of Sims2. She's fallen deeply within its spell of goofy characters, funny situations, and the possibility of getting them to have sex… or was that just me? Anyway, I haven't seen her so involved in a game and, while I've offered her my cheat codes (oh, stop it - you know you do it, too!), she tells me she wants to play "right". Meanwhile, I just want her game to go faster… little does she know I'm playing vicariously through her. One of her characters is pregnant and I want to know what happens next…

Writing. The end of the book is coming much faster than I thought it would. 80,000 words? Try 75,000! And that's just wrong… but I can't over-analyze this. I have to stay in the moment, moment-by-moment…. Not momentarily… And as I write it, I can't help but think about what I want to write next. This book is so serious and filled with its own sense of importance… I just want to write something goofy and absurd. I had a dream last night about a play in which, at one point, two guys are the on the stage. One had just become a father and is gushing about his baby's cute socks and cute hat and cute shoes and - the other guy slaps him. Not yet, Ken. Not yet.

More Vicky. Here's a date you should keep in mind: April 13th! That just happens to be Vicky's birthday! (And, boy, if I got that wrong, I'll never hear the end of it!) Here's your advanced notice to send cards, emails, letters, or comments (or GREAT BIG WADS OF CASH) wishing her a happy birthday. This will coincide with massive celebrations in Anaheim, California, bent on feeding Vicky as many Apple-tinis as humanly possible.

Dentist. Let's face it, people. I needs ta go! It's been five years and things need cleaning and polishing and - I'm sure without a doubt - drilling and scraping and extracting and hammering and chiseling and mortaring and bombing and torturing and…. I'm sorry, where was I? Anyway, I'll be going soon - and you'll hear all about it… Trust me.

Waiting and Weighting. It's been over a month since I started working out in the morning and the weight has finally started to come off! Where's the ice cream?

The other white Tim. And, by the way, I see Fred Mertz has been making comments on this site but I haven't spoken to Tim Murphy in a while. Why is that? Well, I hope he and Autumn are doing well. Gotta remember to call…. You know…. Eventually…

Rob. Another on the long list of "Great Friends Ken Never Speaks To" and, I promise, the last one I mention here. I'll keep this short. Rob? How the hell are ya???

Okay, I'm going to start shutting up now. This was going to go on a while longer but my internal censor is kicking in… so you won't read:

* Kissing women other than my girlfriend - I haven't done a show in a while
* World of Warcraft - I'm fucking hooked and I love it
* All women are crazy and the GameStop employee who asked if turnabout really is fair play
* Hometown Buffet - someone kill me before I eat there!

The shutting up process is taking a while but, at least, my brain is cleared out enough to stop the babbling… oh, wait.

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