Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hell… The Weekend From… Part Two: About Women, Lies, and Words…

So, the idea was that I'd write about this past weekend in two parts. Part Two would be about women. But then, my internal censor kicked in - and I decided not to do it.

So, I won't be writing to you about my brother, Dwight's, new girlfriend and how I was under whelmed with her. I won't be writing about Vicky and how she can be low-down cold sometimes. I won't be writing about Rosa, and how she's getting industrious about being the second most evil being next to Satan. (That was a typo. I meant to write Santa.)(Oh, and don't worry, you'll hear more by and by if you're good.)

I won't be writing about that.

… something tells me it's already too late.

That said, I reread what I wrote on Monday and was stunned, as I often am, by my own arrogance. Can you believe me, of all people, talking about keeping promises? I should be ashamed of myself. Probably, the only reason I felt the compulsion to take care of Alacrity is because that's the only promise to Rosa I haven't broken.

I'm a louse and I wonder why Vicky would ever want to marry me.

But enough of that. How about some good news? I've hit the 75,000 word mark in the book. (Have I mentioned this?) I seem to be back on track for about 80k. Sweeeeet!

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