Monday, March 28, 2005

Babbling about babbling…

Babbling. They say that babies do it. They say that brooks do it.

Well, they ain't got nothing on me.

Folks, I am the original Babbler. In fact, if I was a super-villain, that would be my name: The Babbler! And my costume would have "Blah. Blah. Blah." written all over it You see what I mean? That's babbling!

Of course, any reader probably knows this very well by now. Vicky's learning.

I just finished writing a piece for the book. It's a political speech. It took me about 20 minutes to write and was over a thousand words in length. That's more than 50 words/minute!... With no rewrites!

Stuff like that comes very easily to me, though. My third novel, Revelations - still not available at a store near you, thanks to those bastard publishing houses! - was filled with sermons, being a book about religion provided for that. I loved writing sermons and they came pretty quickly, just like this speech.

I really am in the wrong line of work. And I'd get into politics in a minute… if they'd pay me. I'd work on attending a School of Theology, if only religion wasn't so hypocritical and just plain wrong as a matter of course. Instead, I write these books.

I also tend to babble in public, given the opportunity - any opportunity - so just watch yourself. You give me time and I'll expound on any topic: religion, economics, history, culture (both pop and high), food, life… In fact, I'll often blend them together, going round and round… mostly in an effort to more forward to a topic with which I'm more interested… which could change in seconds. This happens more so as I've been drinking.

And what was the point of this? There is none, really. I'm just babbling.

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