Tuesday, March 22, 2005

An update of sorts…

Well, you're just going to have to forgive me.

You will.

…. Ve haf ar vays….

…. Where was I?

Oh, right. Anyway, my brain's been kind of mushy lately. And, while it tastes just delectable with a sprinkle of sugar, I've had way too much on it to write lately.

First, there's Alacrity. Though he seems to be doing better, things just don't look right - and the vet using the word "mass" didn't exactly put me at ease.

Then, of course, going to the gym at 4:30am isn't exactly inspiring to the "writing sense"… though I've heard scotch works wonders.

Lastly, my life is kind of a mish-mash these days, with no real story to tell.

And, so, this Blog has been going blank.

I do have one story to tell you but I'll warn you that it's not sad and miserable. My readers tend to like me miserable - I'm funnier or something.

I'll keep this short.

I was at the train station the other day, dropping Tim off for his ride home, and I saw this incredibly beautiful woman. The first thing that caught me was her hair. Then, I saw her face as she turned towards me. And then her body. This is why there are paintings, statues, sonnets. She was sent from heaven.

But she wasn't the most wonderful woman I'd ever seen. That came this morning as I started to drive to work. I looked down one of the walkways that cuts between the condos. Again, the first thing I saw was the hair. Then, I saw her face as she turned towards me, coming round the corner, walking her dog. Then, her body. And I knew that this was why love songs were written and achievements won.

Okay, so she wasn't sent from heaven - though she made my heart swell just as if she had been. She'd been sent from Lancaster. She was my Vicky and she didn't know I was watching her for those few seconds. She won't believe me when she reads this but she was quite beautiful this morning, walking her dog in her sweats.

Love ya, Vic.

Okay. Okay. Enough mush! (Want some brain?) I promise to be back soon with complaints galore!


Fred Mertz said...

Dr. Goott says all brain are squishy... Just ask Ralph Snart. (old comicbook referance...) And thank you for all the sweetness, I'm sure my blood sugar is well over 300 now. :)

Ken said...

Ralph Snart totally RULEZ!!!