Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How long is a third of a book...?

How long does it take to get to the tootsie-roll center of a tootsie-pop?

... let's stop there, please!

I've always heard that a mid-sized book is about 100,000 words. It is by that estimate that I announce: I have now completed 1/3 of the new book!

Yes, I'm firmly on the path that leads to the Grand Canyon. Presently, I am writing about 40 Carats, Sherryl... all sorts of craziness. In fact, if one thing has become clear to me, it's that I started heading towards the Grand Canyon years before I started driving there. (And this book tells you how!)

I still don't know if this book is for the public or for me but now that I've started it, I feel compelled to complete it.

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