Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Our nightmare world…

I haven't talked much about things in the real world, lately, because it's getting so UNreal that it's becoming hard to write about.

I mean, the (burning) Bush administration is pinning all of the evil in world now on… Newsweek Magazine! Because, you know, they have so much more influence than the leader of the "free" world.

What about (burning) Bush's illegal war that has killed thousands? What about Brit Blair's 2002 memo stating that Bush was readying to go to war with Iraq long before they dreamed up the nightmare of WMDs? What about Senator Graham's accusation that he heard about it long before that but never dreamed it could be true? What about the nightmare dismantling of our press, which doesn't even bother to report these things? Have you seen the news recently? No? That's because there is none! It's all petty gossip!

Unbelievable and Nightmare - those are the only words that suffice.

And so, unable to write about this, I turn to Keith Olbermann's blog. One of the last real journalists, in a world where the best journalists turn out to be stand-up comics, he's summarized the current state of things very well and I'd advice you to give him a read.

And try to wake the fuck up.

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