Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Beard Bad… or what people really think of me at Nonsys…

Nonsys, like Nonsense… I like that…

So, I stopped shaving a week or so ago. (I had a pimple… it's a long story…) Now, the typical, crappy, Ken beard growth has come in to it's limit - you know, just about when you start seeing it.

And I've noticed something. Nobody, not one person, here at Linkshit has said anything. "Growing a beard?" "Get a rash?" "You dribbled some food on your chin."


And I think I know why this is. I think they've become so used to me here, so used to me looking like shit, that they don't even think of it as a beard-attempt any more. They just look at me and say, "Boy, Ken looks like hell - no change." And that's it.

This is good for Vicky, though. With the exception of Maude Maggart - no competition at all!

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