Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Jackboots of Democracy…

I know I haven't been commenting much on recent goings-on in the world but it's been so depressing, I find it difficult to speak.

In this case, however, I feel I must.

Republican Congressperson (lest we claim that he is a man) Duncan Hunter has been touting Gitmo's imaginary menu as if Gitmo is the only gulag we're currently running.

As if we don't have other prisons in foreign countries were we can hide detainees.

As if lemon chicken can appease our guilt.

And he talks about these people as if their already guilty, though they are held illegally, no charges pressed against them, no access to due process.

And I keep seeing this. And I've been thinking about it a lot.

And what it comes down to is this:

Give those people their day in court, not twice-baked potatoes.

Give America back a little pride in the fact that we can do the right thing, not the illusion that the most powerful nation on earth is the victim of those it has illegally detained because it has to feed them.

The fact that Shrub's administration lies isn't what offends me. I've become desensitized to that. But that they lie so egregiously and so arrogantly makes me sick. The fact that the people of the US can keep themselves from simultaneously vomiting in the face of what they've made of us, renders me ill.

And now that their backs, sweaty from sadistic coitus - fucking the world, are against the wall, they are talking about closing Gitmo. But the problem lies not in one prison but in all of them. The problem lies in a world that cannot see the bigger picture clearly enough to realize the injustices perpetrated on the America in the name of, gasp, SECURITY.

They act as if it's wrong for people to want justice. If that's the case, what good is America anyway? People are cheering for the jackboots of democracy. That's what's wrong.


Cousin Ernie said...

I hope that you put your money where your mouth is. You don't buy anything made outside of the USA do you? You certainly own nothing that was made in China with slave labor, do you? You aren't wearing any shoes made by ploitical prisoners right? The computer you are using doesn't have any parts made in a nation that allows child labor for pennies a week, correct? When your book gets published it won't be printed in a country that has no ecological guidelines, in order to save on cost thus leaving room for more profit? Heavens no.

What do you really beleive? How far do those beliefs extend into your real life, not just here with your imaginary audience?

Ken said...

This is the worst breech of logic you've posted yet, Tony. So, just because other people do something wrong, we should? That sort of "logic" stopped being allowable on the playground.

Now, I've asked you nicely already. If you have nothing constructive to say ON THE TOPIC, which does not mean personal attacks because you do not agree, you are welcome to disagree. But if you are trying to pursuade, it would help to be pursuasive. I won't ask again. Grow up.

Cousin Ernie said...

What logic did I breech? I didn't say anything about what anybody was doing being right or wrong. I asked you several questions, which you didn't answer. See, instead of just answering a comment by a passer-by, you immediately start looking for an angle. You have opinions, very strong ones. I mearly asked how far your beliefs go in your life. I didn't say they were wrong, you assume that I think they are wrong. I wasn't asking about anybody but you.
I don't care about the topic, your theme is the same. Your words do not matter, it is the underlying idea that concerns me.

Now, can you just answer the questions? Actually, they were rhetorical. And they were ment to be helpful and constructive. But unless you are willing to stop grinding your axe long enough to THINK about hem, then I can see why they appear a waste of time to you.

Here is some more constructive criticism on youe THEME. Stop being a pompous ass. You are really very full of yourself, your opinion and your sense of importance. You like to call names and poke fun, but don't take it very well. somebody comes to your blog in a spirit of freindly banter, bouncing a few light objections to your worldview, and you lose all dignity over it.

You say "Grow up". Explan how I have been immature. You have stated emphatically that you do not support torture or Gulags, yet your home is full of goods from the Chinese Government. It would seem that the only time you are concerned with human rights is when George W. Bush is connected with their violation, in your twisted perception.
You, sir, are a hypoctite.

Anyway, what do you mean "I won't ask again"? So you block my IP. Go Ahead. It just shows who really needs to grow up. "Its my game and if you won't play by my rules, then go home!" What were you saying about Playground logic?

Ah, forget it. your stunning intellect is too much for me to handle anyway. I won't comment any further.

Cousin Ernie said...

OOPS! Look at that a loophole to your comment Block!

You said: "He said that other countries do wrong things, so we must be allowed the same privilege."

I NEVER SAID THAT! Anybody who can read can see that I NEVER said that!

You also said that you hate intolerance, yet you are intolerant of my comments and try to stop me from posting anymore. Again, HYPOCRITE!

Everything that you accused me of, intolerance, uncivility, name calling, lack of debate.....ALL DONE BY YOU! RIGHT HERE FOR ALL TO SEE. Am I Lying?

Go back and read my posts, see who started the name calling, see who won't debate, answer a question, reply to a point.

But go ahead, feel tainted, cry about it.....pack up your game and go home crybaby......

Now I am being uncivil, I promise I will not post on this site again unless invited to.