Monday, June 13, 2005

This is how business is dumb…

So, my wireless network goes down all the time. That's old news.

I think I'd try one of the Range Extenders that my company produces. I was given a version 1 product and told that, while it didn't work as well as the version 2, it was all I was getting.

So, I tried it.

Now, you don't need to know a lot about wireless networking to get this next part… cause stupidity is universal.

It didn't work. And it didn't work in a great big way…

So, I brought it back today and talked to the guy who had given it to me.

"It didn't work."

"Yeah, I figured it wouldn't." he said.

"Here's the thing. I thought I'd go onto our website to look at the manual but the manual is wrong."

"Well, we're selling version 2 now, so it doesn't matter."

"But the website shows version 1… and that's wrong for version 1… so I don't think it would be at all right for version 2…"

"No, but that's what we're selling."

"Well, then why don't we put the version 2 book on the website?" It's when I ask these kinds of questions that I get into trouble.

"Because we have a huge back stock of version 1. We couldn't sell it because it doesn't work."

And that's why their still giving people the wrong directions for version 2…. Because they have a whole lot of version 1 products in a room somewhere that they couldn't sell…

Excuse me while I go muck out my brain...

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