Monday, June 20, 2005

Now we have a ball game...

Vicky called me just now to let me know she was going to sent the wedding invitations to the printer.

"Is this your way of saying that you're giving me one last chance to change my mind?" I asked.


Hmmm... well, I could always try to get back together with Rosa one more time, couldn't I??? The world is filled with beautiful women... Hmmmm....

See, I was going to say all this to Vicky but I decided not to because, as much as I love giving her a hard time, she's as sweet as a sundea in Heaven. So, I didn't. Anyway, as I say in the book, "There are far too many beautiful women in the world to fuck them all. The trick is to find the one you like the best."

I like Vicky the best.

So, the invitations are on their way. And I couldn't be more excited!

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