Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Must remember not to call her Mrs. Coleman…

Last week, when Vicky and I were going to see Revenge of the Sith, I found a wallet in the parking lot. I opened it to see to whom it belonged. A crisp $50 bill jumped right out at me, saying, "Take me! Spend me!" Before you start wondering what I bought, you should know that Vicky and I are both very honest people. We didn't take the money.

The driver's license within showed it to belong to an old woman named Dabney. (Hey last name is hard enough to pronounce, let alone spell.) (See the subject line.) We looked all around the Market Place, the mall at which we were seeing the film, but we couldn't find her. Next - and I can't remember whose idea this was but it was a good one - Vicky dialed 411 and, using the info on the license, got Dabney's phone number. She called… and got a voice mail.

So, we went in to see the movie. (All I can say is, thank God they're over!)

After, Vicky had a voicemail from Dabney and called her back. She was, of course, very glad to see that some honest people found her wallet and kept offering the $50 as a reward. But we couldn't take money from an old lady - it just didn't seem right. Vicky Fed-Exed (or DHL'ed, or something) the wallet to Dabney the very next day.

Cut to last night.

We get our mail and there, in our mailbox is a big package addressed to us. It's from Dabney. Turns out, she owns a ranch outside of Pasadena that makes honey. A bottle of honey was in the envelope! (Plastic, you know, so it wouldn't break.) There was also a letter inviting us up to the ranch.

I told Vicky that we ought to go. Who knows? Maybe instead of $50, we might get a new friend out of this. Mind you, we didn't return the wallet for a reward. It was just the right thing to do. But that seems like a very nice one to me.

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