Thursday, January 29, 2004

This is how the phone ends up in the hamper...

When I woke up this morning, Alacrity was sitting next to my head. I found this odd because I close the bedroom door at night to make sure no cats disturb me in my sleep but this one had found its was in. "Very enterprising of you," I said. Then, I began to notice things.

My bed sheets were upside down. That is, my sheet was on top, my blanket was in the middle, and my comforter was against me. No sheets were beneath me.

I immediately got up - naked. Where were my pajamas and underwear? I still don't know.

I usually go to bed with the phone beside me. It was gone, too.

I hesitated to leave the room. In the bathroom, the sink was on. In the living room, books were out.

I wondered again about the phone, actually, the phone's handset. I went to the base and pressed the "Locate Phone" button but didn't hear the normal beeping that helps you find it. I went from room to room. Then, in my bedroom, I heard it... but muffled. Following the sound, I went to the hamper, opened it, moved some clothes and, there it was.

I'd been sleepwalking again.

And I'd been busy.

I'm really worried.

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