Friday, January 23, 2004

Who saw this coming? Raise your hands!...

As you know, I've started going to the 24-hour gym in Orange... which is only a few blocks from Rosa's house.

... you know where this is going, right?

And so it was that this morning, too, I went to the gym... just a few blocks from Rosa's house.

... you can see it coming, right?

I lifted and pressed and basically hurt myself for 1/2 hour before heading home... from the gym... just a few blocks from Rosa's house.

... this really should come as no surprise.

I got in my car and started the drive home. Before hitting the freeway, I stopped at a light... and looked over at the car beside me.

There sat this beautiful woman. I thought, "She sure is pretty. She looks just like Rosa."

Then, less than a second later, "HOLY SHIT! THAT IS ROSA!"

There she sat, her hair grown long, just beautiful.

I honked my horn. Traffic started moving. I honked again. She looked over. I put my hand up and waved slowly. I suppose I could have blown her a kiss but keep in mind this all happened in about two or three seconds - I didn't really have time to weigh options.

When she realized who I was, she looked stunned, dumbfounded.

But she was so beautiful. A ray of light danced upon her face - or was her face just that radiant? My heart leapt from my chest and danced up my sleeve. Angels sang.

No. I'm serious. Angels sang.

And then, it was over. We had to move forward with traffic. I took the freeway south and she took it north.

As I entered the freeway, the song "Missing You" by John Waite started in my mind.

Need I say it?


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