Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's time for a visit from Mr. Sleepwalker…

(run Mr. Roger's theme music)

Hi. We're gonna talk about some really neat things today. We've got some special friends to meet and some special places to go, too. Can you say that? To? Sure. I knew you could.

We're gonna take a trip to slumberland and visit with the magic -

(Kill Mr. Rogers.)

(Can't. He's dead already.)

Undead Mr. Rogers?! Holy Shit! Oh, Dreamworks Pictures?! I've got your next summer blockbuster!!!!

Where was I?

Oh, right. Sleeping.

Didn't do too much of that last night. My brain decided it would much rather have me sleepwalking all night. This should come as no surprise, as I told Vicky, considering how my sleepwalking started, years ago.

But back to last night, we went to bed around 10pm, since I get up so early these days (4:30am!!!!) to go to the gym in the morning. Soon, I was up and getting ready to hit the gym. I got my PJs off and put on my shorts and… looked at the clock… 11:45pm!! So, I went back to bed. Soon, I woke up, put on the rest of my clothes, put on my shoes, went downstairs to put on my sweat-jacket… looked at the clock… 1:30am!! Grrrrr…. So, I went back to bed.
And, of course, woke up late…

Can you say "crap". Sure. I knew you could.

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