Tuesday, February 22, 2005

On weekends and women…

Vicky and I went up to Lancaster this weekend to see her family. Vicky's family is very different from my own, which is to say I get along with them. It's quite a shock, especially when you consider my previous in-laws and the ex-mother-in-law who threatened to have a "hit" put out on me. It's nice.

We visited her grandmother, who lives in a residential rest-home. This isn't your stereotypical rest-home, with elderly folks cramped together like cattle. She has her own room, which she'll soon be sharing with her husband. They have a nice living room, kitchen - it's just a regular house. And I was glad to see that because she's such a nice lady. Vicky and she talked for a while, had a nice visit, as I watched this horrible movie with Snoop. It was one of those typical "black man on a rampage, taking a helpless woman prisoner in her own home while the white police (and "oreo" cop) (Okay, so I HATE the "safe black man" stereotype because it basically says there's nothing about a black man that can't fixed by making him white!) try to coax him out by saying they'll treat him with respect though you know they won't, not in our society, anyway he has to be evil because, after all, he is black" kind of movies. Worse than junk food, completely disrespectful towards anyone's intelligence, just preying on our fears. I was ashamed for Snoop. Worst still, I didn't get to see how it ended…

Then, we had coffee at an IHOP with her aunt and uncle and grandfather. I feel terrible for her grandfather, who's mental faculties have left him over the years. What a sad way to age.
We finished the evening at her mother's restaurant. Thankfully, she didn't stuff us like the last time - though we did leave there FULL. They're so good to me!

And on top of that, her mom bought me a watch. A rather expensive watch! Now, I don't like watches. I don't wear watches. I'm not at all attracted to watches. I already own three and they just gather dust! Well, I figure I'm going to wear this one because she was kind enough to think of me. I think I'm going to like being their son-in-law.

Oh, one more thing. Her grandmother - whose name is Audrey, pretty funny considering my mom and sister also have that name - asked took my hand before we left and asked if I would like to be her grand-son. Now, look, I'm not a big fan of old people. Not only have I been conditioned through years of television to consider them disposable, I don't like the previews of coming attractions, you know? But this old woman has such incredible grace and the undeniable dignity of love, I would have given her what little youth I have had she asked and had such a thing been possible. I guess I’m fortunate it's not! I leaned in and said that I would be happy to be her grandson… and it was kind of liking proposing all over again. They say you don't just marry the girl but that you also marry the family. With Rosa's family, I never felt that. They were all to quick to take advantage of me while disrespecting me. Now, with Vicky, I'm not even married yet and I already feel this incredible devotion to them.

… which is good because Vicky can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. (Sure, but I love her.)

The rest of the weekend was not what I'd call a thrill-ride. I awoke Sunday morning with my shoulder screaming "I HATE YOU!" and Vicky was feeling pretty crappy on Monday. But a weekend is a weekend, after all, even the worst of them. We went to a birthday party on Sunday and spend Monday saying, "We should start getting up", which we did around 5pm…

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