Monday, February 07, 2005

What was (burning) Bush doing while you were watching the Super Bowl?...

Continuing his war on America, that's what!

Yes, (burning) Bush has come out with his new "budget". (The quotes are to signify sarcasm; he's a much a master of budgeting as my ex-wife!) And, if you thought it'd be "more of the same" you're right.

Cuts to the EPA. (Who needs breathable air or drinkable water?) Cuts to HUD. (The homeless aren't our concern.) Cuts to welfare. (The poor should be culled anyway.) Want more? How about cuts to the Dept. of Transportation?! Sure! (You don't need that, do you?) How about cuts to law enforcement aid? Why not? (Stop bitching about wanting your streets safe!) How about some more cuts to development of alternative energy, Health and Human Services, and mass-transit subsidies? Why the fuck not?!

Meanwhile, he's increasing the defense budget to nearly $420 billion - remember that next time someone bitching about the poor taking all the money. And what is he going to "defend" us from? Absolutely NOTHING! We have no need for his B-2 bombers or missile defense and the only people shooting at us as those trying to save themselves from out invading forces! But it's not all bad news, his budget also includes "tax relief", which is his way of saying "tax cuts for the rich".

What else?

Well, there wasn't anything in his budget to help Social Security. He wants to see the system weak so he and his corporate cronies can gut it and feast off of its corpse - while you and I get to feast out of trash cans.

As much as I hate to say this, you know this is going to be passed. The Repugnicans have their wagons circled and the Dems are too weak and too few to make a dent. So, for those of you who voted for this embarrassment of a human being who some are calling "President", I hope you are getting your money's worth. God help you if you have a conscience.

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