Thursday, April 17, 2003

Apparently, the Iraqis are annoyed... yet again.

This time, they're raising a big stink. It seems they want us to stop killing them.

Oh, please. Talk about petty.

Do they forget all the bombing we had to do? Do they forget all the missiles we had to launch? Didn't they see how hard Condoleeza Rice was working the talk-show circuit? Didn't they see the sweat on Shrub's brow as he struggled (vainly) to compose complete sentences?

This hasn't been all fun and games over here! Ingrates.

But they just bitch and whine. "Oh, you're shooting indiscriminately into crowds." "Oh, you're not allowing emergency medical aide to get through." "Oh, we're starving."

Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. We all have problems, you know?

I'm telling you, if every country we conquer is going to act like this, I say we just forget about wiping out Syria!

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