Thursday, April 10, 2003

Fiction or Reality? Fiction or Reality?

Joe Lieberman is going after video games again. He wants to fund research on the affects video games have on children. As he said, "beyond being offensive to our values, we should know whether this is helping to nurture misogynistic views and behaviors among young boys."

Okay, Joe. Repeat after me. "It's a game." "It's a game." "It is fiction." "It isn't REAL."

You think Joe has a firm grip on reality? I mean, let's face it, he's a Republican who thinks he's a Democrat. (And I say that with the fondest affection for the whack-job.)

I have a crazy idea. Rather than fund forays into the affects of fiction - why not fund REALITY?! Give the money to our schools, for Pete's sake!

... oh, wait. That's not glamorous enough. Nobody ever gets press for pragmatism.

My bad.

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