Monday, April 14, 2003

Let's get a couple of things straight.

I'm what you might call "an opinionated person". I have opinions. Lots of opinions. I have green opinions. I have blue opinions. I have old opinions. I have new opinions.

And I like to express my opinions. I think that's the only way we smooth the rough edges of our beliefs, by expressing them and by becoming aware of other's. By this, I am saying that my opinions are simply that: opinions. When listed here, they are not meant as law and they are not meant as unchangeable. Nor, on the other hand, are they meant as flighty or unconsidered. I express them to give you my view and I invite you to give me yours. Again, how else do we learn?

But please try to read what I'm saying before you jump to conclusions.

Here's a case in point:

I do not believe we should be in this "war". (I put that word in quotes because, to date, I've yet to see Congress approve a declaration of war.) I believe it is a war of aggression. NO reason George "born-again coke fiend" Bush (also known as "Shrub") gave for fighting this "war" - from Iraq being responsible for 9/11, to weapons of mass destruction, to "liberating" those people (as if you could "liberate" anyone by bombing them to stone) - proved to be true and we are left with the queasy fact that we have started a war just as Japan started a war, just as Hitler started a war.

No, wait. At least Japan created an incident with China back in the 1930's and Hitler, at least, knew how to lie well enough so his people believed him.

Okay? So, I think I've made my view on that clear.

This is NOT to say that I hate the United States of America. On the contrary! I believe those most committed to something are those who first speak out when that something is being destroyed. I firmly believe that wars of aggression and "Patriot" Acts destroy the foundation of our society and I am compelled to speak out. We are supposed to be the good guys, people! How anyone can liken that dream with hating America is far beyond my comprehension. It flies in the face of reason just as much as the popular belief that Shrub must be infallible because he is President.

So, get used to it because I'm not shutting up. This little Blog is a pretty insignificant corner of the universe but it's mine and I plan to say what I want.

... Cause, after all, the way my love life is going, it might be interesting to win a free trip to Cuba as a political prisoner.

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