Thursday, April 17, 2003

Third time's the charm...

Now that we've destoyed Iraq... okay, that's rather harsh... now that we've bombed the Iraqis back to stone, the real money comes in. Now, we can rebuild it. We can make it better than before. McDonalds. Starbucks. Walmart...

A lot of people think the good ol' U.S. of A. is so altruistic but forget all the money we make when we rebuild all these countries we destroy (Japan *cough* South Korea *cough*).

So, who gets all this money?

Well, first, it was supposed to be Haliburton - because everyone knows how good they are with money. Then, it was found that Dick Cheney looked like he'd make a shitload of money off the deal.

Then, it was the Carlyle Group... until it was found that Shrub would make a shitload of money off the deal.

Now, it's Bechtel. Yes, Bechtel.

Who's pocket is Bechtel in? What does it matter?! We didn't kill all these people to go poor, folks! We killed them to make some money! Don't shy away when the true face of American greed shines so brightly. Don't we allow our leaders to be voted in so they can make money off of it, after all? Check the headstones. "Civil Service" died off long ago.

So, keep Bechtel in mind. We're bound to hear things coming from there...

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